E.R. Management Co Ltd (Evans & Reid) / Nailsea S.S. Co, Cardiff.

E.R. Management Co Ltd, Evans & Reid / Nailsea S.S. Co, Cardiff

Charles Evans and Stephen Reid set up the company in 1930 and purchased their first ships in 1932. They traded worldwide throughout the depression and took full advantage of the government "scrap and build" subsidy scheme by buying obsolete ships and ordering new vessels. At the outbreak of WWII the company managed six ships but lost five to enemy action. Four ships were managed for MOWT and a Liberty ship was purchased in 1944. In 1949 the company merged with Evan Thomas Radcliffe & Co.


E.R. Management Co Ltd / Nailsea S.S. Co Fleet List

Nailsea Brook  133516    1912  3846 
Built as Newfield for Newcastle SS Co, Newcastle, 1918 sold to West Hartlepool S.N.Co r/n Aspleyhall, 1920 sold to Anglo-Belgique Shipping, London r/n Cymric Queen, 1932 purchased by Nailsea SS Co r/n Nailsea Brook, 1935 sold to Chine Shipping, London r/n Boscombe Chine, 1937 sold to Wachsmuth & Krogmann, Hamburg r/n Helios, 1939 laid up at Lisbon, 1943 sold to Empresa Nacional Elcano, Cadiz r/n Ria de Vigo, 1947 sold to Naviera Morey, Barcelona, 1966 scrapped.
Nailsea Court (1)  143506    1920  5626 
Ex-H. H. Asquith, 1932 purchased from Williams & Mordey, Cardiff r/n Nailsea Court, 1936 r/n Nailsea Manor, 1937 sold to Brynymor SS Co, Cardiff r/n Danybryn, 1938 sold to Jugoslavenska Plovidba,, Susak r/n Lasta, 1939 sold to D/S A/S Carolvore, Farsund r/n Aust, 3.4.1942 sunk by German cruiser Thor in 21.00S 16.00W
Nailsea Moor (1)  139605    1917  4764 
Ex-David Lloyd George, 1932 purchased from Williams & Mordey, Cardiff r/n Nailsea Moor, 1937 sold to Rederi A/B Jamaica, Stockholm r/n Soderhamn, 1937 sold to Aug. Bolten, Hamburg r/n Bollwerk, 1939 laid up at Bahia, 1941 sold to Loyd Brasileiro, Rio de Janeiro r/n Norteloide, 28.10.1945 on fire off Cabo Sao Thome and drifted ashore.
Nailsea Belle  165384    1909  4254 
Built as Hellenic for Rederi A/B Transatlantic, Goteborg, 1936 sold to M. Lyras, Piraeus, 1936 purchased by Nailsea SS Co r/n Nailsea Belle, 1937 sold to Triton SS Co, Newport, Mon. r/n St. Usk, 20.9.1943 torpedoed and sunk in 16.30S 29.28W by U.161
Nailsea Lass  140310    1917  4287 
Built as Santille for Scrutton, Sons & Co, London, 1920 sold to T & J. Harrison, Liverpool r/n Specialist, 1936 purchased by Nailsea SS Co r/n Nailsea Lass, 24.2.1941 torpedoed and sunk 60 miles SW of Fastnet by U.48
Nailsea Court (2)  162113    1936  4946 
10.3.1943 torpedoed and sunk in 58.45N 21.57W by U.229
Helmspey (1)  162092    1931  4740 
1937 management transferred from L. Downing, Cardiff, 11.2.1943 torpedoed and sunk in 34.22S 24.54E by U.516
Nailsea Tower  128943    1913  5222 
Built as Arabistan for Strick Line, Swansea, 1913 sold to British India S.N. Co, Glasgow r/n Chinkoa, 1937 purchased by Nailsea SS Co r/n Nailsea Tower, 1937 scrapped.
Nailsea Vale  133120    1913  4650 
Ex-Clan Macbeth, 1937 purchased from Clan Line, Glasgow r/n Nailsea Vale, 1938 scrapped.
Nailsea Manor (1)  143506    1920  5626 
See Nailsea Court (1)
Nailsea Meadow  162118    1937  4962 
11.5.1943 torpedoed and sunk in 32.04S 29.13E by U.196
Nailsea Moor (2)  162123    1937  4926 
1949 transferred to Evan Thomas Radcliffe, Cardiff r/n Llanwern, 1951 sold to Inui Kisen K.K., Kobe r/n Kenkon Maru, 1961 sold to Yamata Gyogyo K.K., Tokyo r/n Fujisan Maru, 1964 sold to Nihon Kokai Gyogyo K.K., Osaka r/n Renshin Maru, 1969 scrapped.
Nailsea Manor (2)  162126    1937  4926 
10.10.1941 torpedoed and sunk in 18.45N 21.18W by U.126
Alex  171308    1914  3892 
Built as Constantinos XII for Hellenic Transport, Piraeus, 1918 r/n Ionia, 1923 sold to A. Gripaos, Piraeus r/n Nicos, 1938 purchased by E.R. Management, Cardiff r/n Alex, 1943 sold to Kenfig SS Co, London, 1946 r/n Neomi, 1958 scrapped.
Nailsea River  140541    1917  6802 
Ex-Actor, 1939 purchased from T & J. Harrison, Liverpool r/n Nailsea River, 15.9.1940 torpedoed and sunk by German aircraft off Montrose.
Helmspey (2)  169929    1944  7255 
Ex-Samlorian, 1944-1947 managed for MOWT, 1947 purchased from MOWT r/n Helmspey, 1949 transferred to Evan Thomas Radcliffe, London r/n Llanover, 1951 sold to Lemos & Co, Monrovia r/n Capestar, 1960 transferred to Piraeus registry r/n Athlos, 1966 transferred to Monrovia registry, 1966 scrapped.
Empire Energy  167601    1923  6567 
Built as Grete for C. Wohlenberg, Hamburg, 1934 sold to Achille Lauro, Naples r/n Gabbiano, 1940 seized by MOWT r/n Empire Energy, 4.11.1941 wrecked in Belle Isle Strait.
Radchurch  168625    1910  3544 
Built as Istina for Nav Libera Racich & Co, Dubrovnik, 1928 Jugoslavenski Lloyd, Dubrovnik, 1935 sold to Brodarsko Drustvo Oceania, Susak r/n Vid, 1941 taken over by MOWT, London r/n Radchurch, 9.8.1942 torpedoed and sunk in 56.15N 32.00W by U.176
Vulcain  167813    1911  4362 
Built for Soc les Affreteurs Reunis, Rouen, 1928 sold to Les Cargos Algerienes, Rouen, 1940 seized by MOWT, London, 23.5.1941 torpedoed and sunk in 09.20N 15.35W by U.38
Casamance  167807    1921  5187 
Built for Chargeurs Reunis, Havre, 1940 seized by MOWT, London, 17.2.1941 wrecked at Hummersea, near Redcar.

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