Claymore Shipping Co, Cardiff.

Claymore Shipping Co, Cardiff

Claymore Shipping Company was founded in Cardiff in 1919, the company purchased their first Tramp Ships the following year. Their main trade was coal to the River Plate, returning with grain and coal to the Mediterranean returning with iron or manganese ore.

Two ships were lost to enemy action in World War II and their remaining two sold in 1945 leaving the company with no vessels. However a Liberty ship was purchased in 1947, followed by an Empire in 1949 to resume the River Plate grain trade. Another Liberty was bought in 1953 but by 1956 the last ship had been sold and the company closed.


Claymore Shipping Company, Cardiff, Fleet List


Daybeam (1)  143504    1920  3023 
1929 sold to F, Inchaustegui, Bilbao r/n Sebastian, 1936 requisitioned by Basque Government r/n Itxas-Alde, 1937 returned to owners r/n Sebastian, 1943 captured by HMS Tynedale r/n Empire Tees for MOWT, 1950 sold to A. Jurgenthal, Panama r/n Tees, 1951 sold to Shamrock Shipping, Belfast r/n Clonlee, 1954 sold Turkey r/n Selamet, 1968 scrapped
Daybreak (1)  143496    1920  3102 
1924 sold to Oiya Shoji KK, Japan r/n Aikoku Maru, 12.1.1937 wrecked on Hokkaido Island
Claymont  136979    1915  2406 
Built as Porthcawl for Stephens & Wilson, Cardiff, 1918 sold to Scarisbrick SS Co, Cardiff r/n Claymont, 1920 purchased by Claymore Shipping, 1928 sold to Gogstad & Co, Oslo r/n Loke, 1950 sold to Liberian SS Corp, Monrovia r/n Milly, 1961 sold to Cia Naviera General, Monrovia r/n Generous, 1962 r/n Hedia, 14.3.1962 reported near Galita Island and went missing.
Clayton  128495    1909  2144 
Built as Pelica for Ogmore SS Co, Cardiff, 1918 sold to Scarisbrick SS Co, Cardiff, 1919 r/n Clayton, 1920 purchased by Claymore Shipping, 1927 sold to J. Thore, Arild, Sweden r/n Mongolia, 13.8.1940 mined and sunk in 54.34N 10.38E
Daybreak (2)  148279    1925  3598 
1934 sold to C. Embiricos, Andros r/n Koumoundouros, 8.10.1942 torpedoed and sunk in 34.10S 17.07E by U.68
Dayrose (1)  148304    1928  4113 
14.1.1942 torpedoed and sunk in 46.32N 53.00W by U.552
Fairwater  148300    1928  4108 
1936 purchased from Fairwater Shipping, Cardiff, 1946 sold to Basra Steam Shipping, London r/n Sherborne, 1948 sold to Cereal Trade & Shipping, London r/n Goose Point, 1951 sold to Cia de Vapores Realma, Panama r/n Realma, 1955 sold to Union Meridiana de Nav, Panama r/n Charo, 1959 scrapped.
Seringa  135957    1913  4729 
Built as Falls City for Reardon Smith & Co, Cardiff, 1929 sold to Salvesen & Co, Leith r/n Seringa, 1941 purchased by Claymore Shipping, 1945 sold to Basra Steam Shipping, Bideford, 1946 sold to East & West SS Co, Bombay r/n Firoza, 1960 scrapped.
Daydawn (1)  167798    1940  4768 
21.11.1940 torpedoed and sunk in 56.30N 14.10W by U.103
Daybeam (2)  180490    1944  7233 
Ex-Samdonard, 1947 purchased from MOWT r/n Daybeam, 1952 sold to Isla Malvina Cia Nav, Panama r/n Krioneri, 1952 sold to Extramar Panama SA, Panama r/n Alba, 1959 transferred to Buenos Aires registry, 1961 sold to Plamar SA, Montevideo r/n Albamar, 1964 sold to Extramar Panama SA, Liberia r/n Albaran, 1968 scrapped
Daydawn (2)  168751    1943  7076 
Ex-Empire Nerissa, 1949 purchased from MOT r/n Daydawn, 1954 sold to Maclay & McIntyre, Glasgow r/n Loch Don, 1959 sold to Maritenia Shipping, Rijeka r/n Kraljevica, 1966 scrapped.
Dayrose (2)  185360    1943  7176 
Built as Mary M. Dodge for U.S. War Shipping Admin, San Francisco, 1947 sold to Oranje Lijn, Rotterdam r/n Molengraaf, 1947 r/n Prins Willem II, 1953 purchased by Claymore r/n Dayrose, 1956 sold to Soc de Nav Albion, Monrovia r/n Areti S, 1963 sold to Kyprianou, Beirut r/n Dimos, 1970 scrapped.

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