Clydesdale Navigation Co / Northern Navigation Co / George Nisbet & Co, Glasgow

Clydesdale Navigation Co

Clydesdale Navigation Co was set up in 1905 with second hand tramp steamers. George Nisbet withdrew from ship owning in 1919 but re-entered the business in 1922. Until 1924 the company had purchased old ships but had their first new ship delivered in 1924. By 1939 nine ships were owned but three were lost during World War 2. One ship was chartered after the war and one was managed for the Ministry of Transport. By 1961 competition from bulk carriers caused the sale of the remaining two tramps and the company went into liquidation in 1962.


Clydesdale Navigation Co, Fleet List

Greatham  97390    1890  2388 
Built as Bussorah for T. Appleby & Co, West Hartlepool, 1891 r/n Greatham, 1906 purchased by Nisbet, 1916 sold to Dawson SS Co, Glasgow, 1917 sold to Coombes, Marshall & Co, Middlesbrough, 22.1.1918 torpedoed and sunk off Dartmouth by UB.31
Etona  98138    1890  2513 
1908 purchased from Bucknall & Co, London, 1915 sold to Moji Kisen KK, Kobe r/n Buzen Maru, 1934 scrapped.
Benedick  98076    1890  2440 
Built for Howard SS Co, London, 1898 sold to Crawford & Co, Grangemouth, 1909 purchased by Nisbet, 1912 sold to Guido Montefiore, Livorno r/n Participation, 5.2.1918 torpedoed and sunk near Villa Joyosa by U.64.
Blairhall  137783    1899  2520 
Ex-Heros, 1915 purchased from A/B Navigator, Kristinestad, Finland r/n Blairhall, 26.7.1918 torpedoed and sunk near Sunderland by UC.40
Blairmore  112434    1901  3038 
Ex-Mountfields, 1915 purchased from Doughty & Co, West Hartlepool r/n Blairmore, 1918 sold to Fisher, Renwick & Co, Glasgow, 1927 sold to Slobodna Plov Topic, Susak r/n Rosina Topic, 1933 sold to Huseyin Avni, Istanbul r/n Altay, 1960 scrapped.
Blairadam  146323    1914  2889 
Ex-Ubier, 1923 purchased from Lloyd Royal Belge, Antwerp r/n Blairadam, 1936 sold to E. Nylund, Mariehamn r/n Yrsa, 1961 scrapped.
Blairbeg (1)  119980    1905  2845 
Built as Northcliffe for Evens, Vyvyan & Co, Cardiff, 1909 sold to Mij s/s Moerdijk, Rotterdam r/n Moerdijk, 1922 purchased r/n Blairbeg, 1929 sold to C. Jensen, Riga r/n Vizma, 1940 sold to C. Jensen, Copenhagen r/n Runo, 28.12.1946 mined and sunk near Falsterbo.
Blairlogie  146306    1912  3051 
Ex-Oostdijk, 1923 purchased from Solleveld, van der Meer & van Hattum, Rotterdam r/n Blairlogie, 1936 sold ro Mariehamns Rederi, Mariehamn r/n Agnes, 1.11.1942 torpedoed and sunk off Rixhoft by Soviet submarine SC-406
Blairholm  120672    1906  2631 
Built as Alexander Kamburoff for Northern SS Co, Petrograd, 1915 Imperial Rusian Navy, 1921 sold to Soc Maritime et Commerciale de France, Rouen r/n San Giacomo, 1922 sold to Rederi A/S Limfjorden, Aalborg r/n Korsholm, 1923 purchased by Nisbet r/n Blairholm, 1933 sold to A. Grozea, Galatz, Romania r/n Auratan, 1934 sold to Valsamakis & Co, Galatz r/n SF Nicolae, 1935 sold to T. Teryazos, Piraeus r/n Anna T, 1946 sold to Kien Sing S.N. Co, Shanghai r/n Kiensing, 28.2.1948 wrecked in 22.38N 115.28E.
Blairgowrie  147920    1924  3259 
26.2.1935 reported in distress in 48.20N 27.01W and went missing.
Blairatholl  148875    1925  3319 
26.11.1942 sunk in collision with m/v John Bakke in 51.25N 48.30W
Blairesk  148841    1925  3300 
1952 sold to Rud Christ Gribel, Lubeck r/n Eddi, 1954 sold to Liberian SS Co, Liberia r/n Eddy, 1961 sold to San Gabriele Corp, Monrovia r/n San Gabriele, 1963 transferred to Beirut registry, 1970 scrapped.
Blairdevon  147946    1925  3282 
1956 sold to Pan-Ocean Nav Co, Panama r/n Jennifer Jane, 1959 r/n Dorothea, 1970 scrapped.
Blairmore  160219    1928  4141 
24.8.1940 torpedoed and sunk in 56.00N 27.30W by U.37
Blairspey  161892    1929  4155 
18.10.1940 torpedoed in 57.55N 11.10W by U.101, towed in and 1942 forepart replaced and r/n Empire Spey for MOWT, 1946 repurchased and r/n Blairspey, 1961 sold to J. Hadoulis Ltd, Beirut r/n Evandros, 1967 scrapped.
Blairnevis  161901    1930  4155 
13.2.1945 beached in Mersey after collision with HMS Orkney, total loss.
Blairbeg (2)  139197    1917  3509 
Built as Clifftower for Hansen Shipping, London, 1925 sold to Wyn Shipping, London r/n Wynburn, 1932 purchased by Nisbet r/n Blairbeg, 1940 sold to Quayside Shipping, Newcastle r/n Fellside, 17.7.1940 torpedoed and sunk in 56.09N 12.30W by U.43.
Blairangus  148318    1930  4409 
Ex-Portregis, 1934 purchased from Portfield SS Co, Cardiff r/n Blairangus, 21.9.1940 torpedoed and sunk in 55.18N 22.21W by U.48
Blairlogie  148310    1929  4425 
Built as Portfield for Portfield SS Co, Cardiff, 1935 sold to Grovedene Shipping, Cardiff r/n Grovedene, 1936 purchased by Nisbet r/n Blairlogie, 11.3.1939 torpedoed and sunk in 54.58N 15.14W by U.30.
Blairclova  165762    1938  5083 
Ex-Sutherland, 1939 purchased from B. J. Sutherland, Newcastle r/n Blairclova, 1961 sold to Wallem & Co, Panama r/n Ocean Venture, 1.9.1962 wrecked in typhoon at Hong Kong.
Fort Langley  180495    1945  7285 
1945 managed by Alfred Holt & Co for MOWT, 1946 management transferred to G. Nisbet, 1950 transferred to The Admiralty as storeship, 1970 scrapped.
Empire Frome  181837    1948  2774 
1948 managed for MOT by Millway Shipping, London, 1951 management transferred to G. Nisbet, 1953 sold to Submarine Cables Ltd, London, 1955 converted to cable ship r/n Ocean Layer, 1959 scrapped after fire damage.