Fleet Lists

There are a large number of fleet lists on the web, notably on The Ships List Web Site »» which has a comprehensive indexed coverage of the passenger fleets of many countries. However, there appears to be little on line covering cargo, tanker and tramp ship fleets and these pages are an attempt to list some of the better known companies and their ships.

The information contained has been gathered from various sources and has been verified where possible from Schell Registers of Shipping and the Miramar Ship Index »» Information on the more modern ownership of vessels where this is not shown by Miramar, has been obtained from Marine News.

Please contact the list with any errors, omissions or any feedback, but note that the gross tonnage of a vessel could vary considerably over the life of a ship.

This is work in progress, so let us know if there are any fleets you would like to see included. We will of course accept photographs of any of the vessels listed and will be happy to display them on our website on condition that copyright and or ownership can be established.

Ted Finch