Lloyd's Captains' Registers

1851 - 1947 Series of Registers each in several volumes predominantly only listing men employed in the foreign trade. The earliest date available is 1869 which has been printed and published on microfiche. This is readily available for purchase. Although this contains retrospective details to 1851, it officially contains the details only of those Masters in service in 1869 though there are isolated entries where the man is known to have died, and the information had not yet been transmitted.

Note that these registers can contain a wealth of information about individual voyages and also some biographical information about each man. Original Lloyd's Captains' Registers are at the Guildhall Library, Manuscripts Department, Aldermanbury, London EC2P 2EJ. Lloyd's Captains' Registers »»

There is a description of Lloyd's Captains' Registers at "Captains Registers" And Related Sources »» which explains fully the information they do or do not contain, and why, sometimes, an expected entry does not appear.